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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Check It Out!

Hey everyone!  I've been interviewed on a fabulous artsy blog - www.museiddity.com - and I'd love for you to go on over and check it out!  Not only does she ask me bunches of questions about my lampwork journey, she has other artists, jewelry designers and creatives as guests on her blog.

Check it out!!

As for BuckleBottom studio work....well, let's just say summer vacation has been just that..... VACATION!  I haven't been to the studio due to family fun and lots of preoccupations, but plan on hittin' the torch at the very first of August, if not sooner.  If you've got fall colors on the brain (like *I* do), shoot 'em to me in a comment!  I'd love to know!  Seriously.  If you've got color combos that you think will make wonderful creations, please write.

Happy Summer!