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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guilty As Charged

I know some most all of you have guilty pleasures.  I have a few bunch plethora of them!  Whether it be food, celebrity gossip, office supplies or the like, we have things we don't necessarily SHARE with just anyone, right?  Nothing too bad, just....kind of embarrassing, I suppose.  Yeah?

I decided, as I sit here taking a quick break for myself, that I would discuss only ONE of my guilty pleasures today.  Maybe I'll save some others for another day, or maybe I won't.  I guess you'll just have to stay tuned if you're interested. :-)

As I said, I'm taking a little break so I'm watching Covert Affairs that I recorded last night.  I decided to share a bit about my tv loves.  (Covert Affairs is NOT a guilty pleasure, mind you.  If you don't watch it, you should! I heart Auggie!)  I do have a small list of shows that do make me cringe a bit to admit that I watch them.  Here are a few for starters:

Yes, that is the NEW 90210 and, yes, I know that the series has ended.  I have to say, that made me sad.  I was a big fan of the original and I really loved the new version.  So, shoot me! ;-)

And the more teeny bopper, the better!  Pretty Little Liars is ridiculously spooky to me.  And any group of friends THAT good looking needs to be fattened up a bit and given bad taste.  I am ashamed to admit that I look forward to the new episode every week.  I have, ahem, even read a few of the books.  

FINE - here are a couple more:

Funny and with good lookin' actors? Aw yeah! Joey Lawrence is STILL hot! (WHOA!) *snicker*  I get enough "drama" from my kids.  A little comedic relief is a necessity!  Now, I know these are no Cosby Shows or Seinfelds or Friends, but they make me giggle.  I do get a teensy pink when my hubby catches me watching them, though, because....well, frankly....they are kinda dumb.  But hey!  I just said they make me giggle.....WHO CARES! 

Enough humiliation for today.  Yes, there is plenty more where that comes from. (I didn't mention The Lying Game, Switched at Birth or Suburgatory, did I?)  Now it's up to you!  Leave me a comment.  Let me know what YOUR guilty pleasure tv shows are.  C'mon.  You know you wanna fess up!


Unknown said...

really??? You crack me up! I stopped watching pretty little liars because it wasn't making any sense but maybe I will give it another try. You did not mention bun heads???? So, what do I watch...Rookie Blue is my favorite show right now. I really LOVED Dr.Owen but I think they canceled the show. I think I have you beat on the most humiliating show to watch...big brother.

BuckleBottom Beads - Haley M. Smith said...

HAHA! I've never seen Rookie Blue or Dr. Owen. I have quite a full plate....should NOT add more.....should NOT add more.....hmmmm......

Bunheads absolutely does NOT embarrass me and should NOT be on a guilt pleasures list - ever. ;-) It is one of the best written shows with the best topic. I mean - c'mon. We've got the writer of Gilmore Girls writing a show about ballet?!?!? What could be BETTER!?! Bunheads is for another blog post titled "Shows that should be on 24/7." :-) <3