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Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Etsy....Or Not To Etsy.....

I love Etsy.  I love to support other artists and crafty people.  I love SO MUCH of what Etsy and Etsians have to offer....

Like THIS! Isn't it toooo cute? (Click HERE to go to this Etsy store.)

But I never have success selling my OWN stuff on Etsy.  True, I never have much up and I have a hard time maintaining all my little web spaces as it is.  But I'm considering a push on my big-hole beads (aka Pandora, troll, biaggi, etc) and thought it might be a decent place to start.  It's pretty FULL of stuff like that, though.

I suppose, in the scheme of things, that since it's not a huge expense I should just go for it.  It's the time invested in it.  Is it worth it?  How do you guys who do Etsy feel about it?  Do you have a website, too?  And a blog?  And a newsletter?  And a...oy.  It's just hard to figure out what works, what doesn't and what can I get rid of!

Well, so....anyways.....

Etsy.  To sell on Etsy or not to sell on Etsy.  That IS the question.

Do you have the answer?