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Thursday, July 21, 2011

As Summer Ends

I can't believe  this summer is almost over - as far as freedom, vacations, long days go.  (Our heat will last FOR-EH-VAH!)  My Bubbas starts school a week from Monday.  Yikes. 

We traveled to the northwest a couple weeks ago and ended up in our usual spot....the beautiful beach above.  I don't think I will ever get tired of going there.  Peaceful.  Heavenly.  Comforting.  COOL.  I love that we get out of the sweltering heat of Arizona, even if we do miss a few of the monsoons that roll through.  I do love me some rain on the desert.  But not the HABOOB that occassionally comes with it! LOL! 

The beads and jewelry will come.  I'm slowing starting to work my way back into it.  I guess I needed a break.  I've lost my "edge," however, so I'm not sure how fast I will be able to get stuff put together for the website.  Stay tuned. 

Potential sale on the horizon, as well.

Adios for now!