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Monday, August 01, 2011

As school begins (yes, already!), I decided to reflect upon the things that will forever remind me of The Summer of Twenty-Eleven.  :)  Okay....maybe not forever, but definitely some stuff that has consumed some days and nights of this heat-riddled couple of months.  There is much, much more.....but I'll stick with the top 10.

1)  Harry Potter marathon with da hubby.  (Still haven't seen the very last one, but....ooooh, can't wait! )

2)  Baking yummy stuff.  (Who knew?!?)

3)  Deliciously Deceptive by Jessica Seinfeld (with more recipes to try).

4)  Heaven Is For Real! (OH YES IT IS!)

5)  NOOM Weight Loss application for Droid (and all that came...or "went"....with it).  YEAH!

6)  EARLY morning walks with neighbor ladies (see above for WHY).

7)  McDonald's Iced Coffee (to get by after the above two items).

8)  Selena Gomez. All day. Every day. (Radio Disney, Ramona and Beezus, CanonBear's girlfriend....)


9)  Netflix instant streaming.  Need. I. Say. More.

10)  Heaven on Earth.



Unknown said...

ahhh, I love your summer.