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Sunday, October 02, 2011

October ROCKS!

It really does.  I don't know about you, but October has all the qualities I like in a month.

1)  It starts to really cool off around this Arizona desert.  Loverly.

2)  It's my birthday month.

3)  It's usually the month that my super duper cool neighbor holds her super duper cool boutique.  (YAY!  October 22nd for those that are close by!)

4)  It's my birthday month.

5)  I really like harvest decor.  And Halloween, too.  But I don't do the scary, spooky stuff.  I stick with fall colors, pumpkins, hay bales and cute scarecrows.  Ties in with the cooler weather.  Love it!

6)  Did I mention it's my birthday month?  Oh wait.  I did?  Sorry.  ;-)

SO - for this FABULOUS October.....I would like to extend FREE SHIPPING to all of my wonderful customers!  All ya gotta do is type in OCTFREE in the coupon code box in the shopping cart.  Add your lovelies and VOILA!  So - again - OCTFREE is the magic code.

ALSO, because I wanna.....and because of NEW inventory that is coming in for the holiday season.....all of my Charm Necklaces are $10 off original price!  Free shipping and less money for cute stuff?!?!  YES!  How can you pass that up, right?  :-)

Thank you to all who have supported me and BuckleBottom Beads.  I love ya'll!

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