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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Klutzy, Clumsy and All That Jazz............

So, I got back to the torch.....FINALLY.  It's still really hot out there, but I figure if I don't start now, I might as well forget having anything new for this holiday/boutique season! 

And I feel so LAME!  My beads are wonky (yes, that's a glass term!) and ugly.  I'm serious!  Nothing pretty about them.  I can't even consider them "organic" and naturally misshapen.  They are just baaaad! 

I will not give up.

I will not back down.

I will not let that crazy glass win.

Blaze and I will TRIUMPH!

Just some other day, I guess!

In other news:  I will be adding a new page to my website shortly.  An informational page about taking care of your jewelry.  Things like how to keep your silver shiny, what environmental factors may damage your jewelry and more on what goes INTO my jewelry and glass beads.  So - stay tuned.

Here's to FALL and cooler weather!!

***A long-time friend of mine from my ballet days and a recent bead customer passed away last weekend.  I didn't want to post on my blog without mentioning something about her.  She was special to me.  Please lift up her family in your prayers if you're so inclined.  She was my age and this has been rough on those that loved her most.  Thank you.***