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These are a few of my favorite things.

BuckleBottom? Huh?

Crazy name, huh?  I know, I know.  And it's kind of a long, silly story that boils down to "just 'cause it's funny."  

You see, I'm kind of a goofball.  But my sweetheart is MORE so.  Put the two of us together and you get....well, nonsense, really.  BuckleBottom Beads, however, is not nonsense.  It is one of my many creative outlets that occurred during a "bummer" time in my life.  Living in an apartment with my husband, a one year old and two cats with boxes covering windows and having absolutely no space to do ANYTHING creative, I literally spent hours....days....months....perusing the internet for something to entertain me and maybe, by chance, make me a little money. 

I found lampwork (glass) beads.

I loved the colors, the sparkle, the AMAZINGNESS (yes, that's a word) of these special works of art.  I started asking around (thank you to those awesome gals who were willing to share their talent and time!) and joining forums to get my questions answered.  I got an hour and a half demo from THIS gal and came home and bought my first set up.  I. Was. Hooked. For. Good.

I have done lots of artsy things - and still do bunches of them - but nothing has sucked me in like glass has.  "Like a moth to a flame."  All us glassies say that.  But it's so true.  Once you start, you can't stop.

For more about BuckleBottom, visit my website at www.bucklebottom.com.